Thursday, July 2, 2009


So after getting that out of my system I can get started. Motorways suck!!!!!!!!!!
I was hitching up to Laois at the weekend and it was abysmal. I left home at 1pm. At 8:30 I was only at Urlingford. Considering that I was at the Horse and Jockey for 5 this was an epic fail. Looking at the cars going by it was fairly obvious that all the traffic on the old road was all local. That motorway kills the chance to get a lift. It really does suck great big floppy donkey dick!!!
Another factor is since the end of May and that trip back from Duncannon it seems to be harder to get lifts. I don't know what it is but the past month hitching has been very slow.
When I came back from Laois I used the bus. Coming out of Cork was dead slow. I got a lift from town to the Glanmire roundabout and then walked as far as the Little Island/Gounthaune slip-road before I got a lift. Then I got a lift from there all the way home from a dead sound bloke. Part of me is starting to think this whole hitching lark may not be viable anymore. I'm heading to Offaly this weekend so I'll see how it goes...