Monday, October 18, 2010

Making History....for real

So the weekend started fairly normally as a hitching trip up the country. I was heading to County Galway and did rather well by getting a lift from the petrol station across the way from the Blackpool shopping center. Only drawback was that a lot of the road was closed for roadworks which meant epic detour of senicness.
Anyway Saturday found me running up and down a road training horses and in the evening I was at this mans house:{there is meant to be a link here but it doesn't want to work, look up Billy's bronze age beer on youtube} drinking his beer. But no that was not the best part of the weekend. On Sunday I was travelling at 15 miles an hour on this:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Derp Derp Doo

So being back in college is great. The only problem is that I can't seem to force myself into getting a decent sleeping pattern. Tea helps me stay going but I shouldn't be relying on it to keep me awake. It takes away from the enjoyment. Anyone out there have any tips for fixing this.
In other news I have started to get involved in the art soc and they want me to model in kit for one of their classes. They seem like a sound bunch of people and at their first meeting there was free pizza!!!

Also as it turns out Med&Ren have a committee position opening up and people are say that I should go for it. Do I really want to get involved? I don't want people thinking that now that I'm back in the college I want to subvert the society or something. I know this can be a view when someone comes back after a few years away and has memories of how it was "back in the day" (TM). But I wonder would it be possible for me to contribute to the society by being equips? I have a feeling that one of my house mates and his SO may try and nominate me for the position. I suppose if that happens I'll think about it.
And on that note. Derp

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Achievement acqired

I am finally back in Cork City!!! As in living. This is awesome. It does however mean that I will now be hitching a lot less. In good news I do now get to do the reading more books than god and hanging out with new people. The house I have moved into is populated by crazies, but they are crazies that I know and get on with and this is awesome. For example yesterday as I came out of the shower I heard Oisin taking to some Baptists who were doing the door to door soul saving. He started by quizing them on Leviticus and then I came down and trolled them for over an hour with some very akward questions... They also informed me that carbon 14 dating was wrong. And the world was only 6000 years old or so. I was also told that we are devolving....
I had so much fun. XD
I see this year being a good one and for those of you that care due to work avoidance based procrastination I will probably be blogging more. so ta ta for now. :)