Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nearly a New One

So the year is near over and for me it was far better than the year that went before it. I have finally made it back into college. First semester was a bit messy but I think I'm on top of things again. Getting some reading done over the holidays is a good plan.
For the first time in my life I didn't spend Christmas at home. I was at my girlfriend's family place and it was nice. I hadn't gotten to see her since October so there was much to talk about.
As for what is to come in the New Year, I'll still try and post more. I also hope to see a better season of gigs than I had this year.
That is all for now. I know it is a bit terse but the words aren't coming. Maybe there will be more next time....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Making History....for real

So the weekend started fairly normally as a hitching trip up the country. I was heading to County Galway and did rather well by getting a lift from the petrol station across the way from the Blackpool shopping center. Only drawback was that a lot of the road was closed for roadworks which meant epic detour of senicness.
Anyway Saturday found me running up and down a road training horses and in the evening I was at this mans house:{there is meant to be a link here but it doesn't want to work, look up Billy's bronze age beer on youtube} drinking his beer. But no that was not the best part of the weekend. On Sunday I was travelling at 15 miles an hour on this:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Derp Derp Doo

So being back in college is great. The only problem is that I can't seem to force myself into getting a decent sleeping pattern. Tea helps me stay going but I shouldn't be relying on it to keep me awake. It takes away from the enjoyment. Anyone out there have any tips for fixing this.
In other news I have started to get involved in the art soc and they want me to model in kit for one of their classes. They seem like a sound bunch of people and at their first meeting there was free pizza!!!

Also as it turns out Med&Ren have a committee position opening up and people are say that I should go for it. Do I really want to get involved? I don't want people thinking that now that I'm back in the college I want to subvert the society or something. I know this can be a view when someone comes back after a few years away and has memories of how it was "back in the day" (TM). But I wonder would it be possible for me to contribute to the society by being equips? I have a feeling that one of my house mates and his SO may try and nominate me for the position. I suppose if that happens I'll think about it.
And on that note. Derp

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Achievement acqired

I am finally back in Cork City!!! As in living. This is awesome. It does however mean that I will now be hitching a lot less. In good news I do now get to do the reading more books than god and hanging out with new people. The house I have moved into is populated by crazies, but they are crazies that I know and get on with and this is awesome. For example yesterday as I came out of the shower I heard Oisin taking to some Baptists who were doing the door to door soul saving. He started by quizing them on Leviticus and then I came down and trolled them for over an hour with some very akward questions... They also informed me that carbon 14 dating was wrong. And the world was only 6000 years old or so. I was also told that we are devolving....
I had so much fun. XD
I see this year being a good one and for those of you that care due to work avoidance based procrastination I will probably be blogging more. so ta ta for now. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So part of the whole hitching thing involves talking to a lot of different people. One thing I have noticed is they all, no matter their background, have one thing in common. A huge dissatisfaction with the government. Everyone has some complaint, whether it be about NAMA, the roads or just simple arrrgh frustration arrrgh! The thing that I wonder is, what can a regular joe like me do about it? As I have never really had any form of interest in politics and my education in the way this country is run is fairly limited I have no idea. Granted I can vote for someone else when the election around but is there any way to do something now?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going up the country.

So I'm obviously doing well on the posting more regularly thing. :P What can I say, life gets in the way. I have been at home for maybe 2 weeks in total since Christmas but that is no bad thing. In January I made an epic journey from near Carrick-on-Shannon in Leitrim to Cashel in South Tipp. I was on the road from 9am until dark and decided for the sake of my safety to get the bus from Cashel to Cork. It was interesting, it gave me a better idea of the true distances involved in travelling the length of a country. I would make you realize how long it would have taken people to travel before motorized transport. It also showed me that in the summer months I could probably hitch the length of the country in the hours of daylight.

The weekend just gone I hitched to Clara in Offaly. This was hilarious as I was in Moate on Monday last week as I got stuck there for 2 and a half hours when trying to hitch from Galway to Maynooth. I got dropped in Midleton by the one of the parents. Then I got a lift from there to Dunkettle from a couple that had never picked up a hitcher before so thanks very much to them.
I then spent the bones of an hour standing on the side of the road before the roundabout trying to get a lift and was getting nowhere. I then got a lift from a lad I believe his name was Padraig with whom I chatted tek and the inability of UCC to teach computer science. He dropped me at the Horse and Jockey and I was walking only five or so minutes when a fella called Cathail picked me up. He had two lovely dogs in the car. One a King Charles spaniel and the other some kind of wire-haired terrier cross. Some of the friendliest dogs I have met and they spent a good portion of the journey on my lap. THe pair of us spent a load of time chatting about the state of the county. He's the type of guy that you'd like to chat to in the pub. We had a grand laugh and he dropped me in Birr.
My next lift was in some ways one of the most interesting. He was a semi-suit (sorry if you are reading this but this is for clarification) which only pick up maybe one in every 200 or so and his name was Brian. He had told me he had passed me at Horse and Jockey but he had a rather good excuse. He's from Athlone and had driven from there to Cork that morning and he was not driving back. He had one problem however...He had left his wallet at home. He told me that when he was leaving Glanmire the tank was looking low and the reason he passed me earlier was that he was making a bee line for a petrol station as he had scraped together around seven euro which he spent on petrol. When he picked me up outside Birr the tank was showing empty. When he dropped me in Firbane the tank was still showing empty, I scincerly hope he made it. He was so sound he refused the €10 I offered to give him to ensure he made it home. And for those of you that want to know I believe he was driving a Toyota Avensis.
My final lift was more or less uneventful as it was only a short trip with time only for the basic plesantries. All said and done it was a fun day of travel and an equally fun weekend of social activities followed.. :)