Friday, September 11, 2009

Been mostly quiet lately. Not much happening. Been hitching up and down to the city a few times and such. On Thursday I was hitching up to the city to get the bus to Killarney for a wedding. As luck would have it the lift I got from Midleton to the city dropped me off on the south ring on the N22. So instead of the bus...MORE HITCHING!!!! XD So got a lift handy enough and got dropped again at the turn off for Castletownbere Haven. Then got picked up by a pair of dead sound lads in a van. Mad Mick and Seb. They were going the whole way. It was great. They did have to make one detour to the Toy Soldier Factory which only marginally delayed us and was absolutely and completely worth it. :) We then motored on rather nicely until we came close to a level crossing outside Killarney where a truck had so considerately jack knifed. It did take us a bit to figure this out, but thanks to the monocular I always carry in my bag we were able to see it, do a u-turn and get onto the back road.
Coming back from Killarney was also interesting. I was just buying a bottle of milk from the Centra near the hostel I was staying at before I left and I bumped into one of the girls that was at the wedding. She asked how I was getting home and I said that I was going to hitch. She asked why I wasn't getting the train or the bus. I said no as I was going to hitch. She then informed me that I was going by train as she could get me a free ticket....which she did. What we learn from this is hitching is great, but if we are offered a free and faster alternative, we take it! Anyway, I got the train to cork and then I got a lift from town to Little Island from a guy I used to work with. Then got 2 more lifts to get myself the rest of the way home.

Today I was down in Charles' Fort in Kinsale. Had a good day hanging out in the fort with the lads as there was a gig on. Hitching back I got a lift from a guy that was in the same class as me in college. He graduated on Wednesday. Out of a class of 92 I think he said 8 graduated. Some are on a year of work placement but there is still only 6 or 7 of them. Just shows that the course was only suited for a very small number of people.

That should be it for now. May your towels be fluffy and your lifts swift. :)

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