Monday, March 14, 2011


I have been having all of the lazy, for this I apologise. I do intend to update more often but it's rare that I feel inclined to do so. This update however had to happen. Of late hitching has been very slow and bad. I was beginning to think that I had lost my touch. Last Thursday I was hitching to Galway for Convergence and it took me over 7 hours. Considering (see what I did there) in the past I have done it in 3.5 hours this was a very bad day. Also other times I have been hitching lately it has been a similar story. Today however all that changed. I went from my friend Hazel's house in Galway to my house in Cork City, including a stop in Tescos in 4 hours. I WAS FECKING DELIGHTED!!!! I still have it! This gives me all of the happy. It also turns out that I'm fitter than I thought so I think I may do a bit of hiking this summer if I don't find a job. As most of you know I don't tend to travel light but that doesn't seem to slow me down when walking. Just have to figure out somewhere nice to start. Suggestions please!
The reason for my trip to Galway of course was Itzacon which was bi-winning all the way!! If you are into gaming at all I would recommend it. Due to the fact that I was reared on treasure hunts I won a VIP ticket for Gaelcon so I shall be making an appearance there in October. I would like to say thanks to the Itzacon team again cause they were all awesome!! MORE CON NOW PLEASE!!!!

In other life matters I am still doing the college thing. Finally settled in and used to having structure to my days (I think), and getting things done. From this week on I am going to be preparing for my summer exams. Today I had an Archaeology class test and I'm reasonably sure I got over 60 and considering the effort I put (the usual 5 minute cram) in I should be OK If I do some bit of work.

I'm also trying to plan for the summer. Ideally I would have a job but they are few and far between so I am thinking of volunteering with my Dad, wandering around the country visiting people and improving my skills. I'm tempted to take a year off gigs as I'm not quite happy with my Early Irish/Viking fisher man thing and also there is very few gigs so it's a good year to take a break as far as I'm concerned.

I think that is enough rambling for now so I will leave you all to it.

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