Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So part of the whole hitching thing involves talking to a lot of different people. One thing I have noticed is they all, no matter their background, have one thing in common. A huge dissatisfaction with the government. Everyone has some complaint, whether it be about NAMA, the roads or just simple arrrgh frustration arrrgh! The thing that I wonder is, what can a regular joe like me do about it? As I have never really had any form of interest in politics and my education in the way this country is run is fairly limited I have no idea. Granted I can vote for someone else when the election around but is there any way to do something now?

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  1. Encourage the person giving you a lift to swerve at and hit any of the politicians in question? Seriously though its a good point there is not much we can do about it putting it simply the powers that be wont listen to us the people that put them their, and there seems to sod all we can do about it