Sunday, October 3, 2010

Achievement acqired

I am finally back in Cork City!!! As in living. This is awesome. It does however mean that I will now be hitching a lot less. In good news I do now get to do the reading more books than god and hanging out with new people. The house I have moved into is populated by crazies, but they are crazies that I know and get on with and this is awesome. For example yesterday as I came out of the shower I heard Oisin taking to some Baptists who were doing the door to door soul saving. He started by quizing them on Leviticus and then I came down and trolled them for over an hour with some very akward questions... They also informed me that carbon 14 dating was wrong. And the world was only 6000 years old or so. I was also told that we are devolving....
I had so much fun. XD
I see this year being a good one and for those of you that care due to work avoidance based procrastination I will probably be blogging more. so ta ta for now. :)

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