Monday, October 11, 2010

Derp Derp Doo

So being back in college is great. The only problem is that I can't seem to force myself into getting a decent sleeping pattern. Tea helps me stay going but I shouldn't be relying on it to keep me awake. It takes away from the enjoyment. Anyone out there have any tips for fixing this.
In other news I have started to get involved in the art soc and they want me to model in kit for one of their classes. They seem like a sound bunch of people and at their first meeting there was free pizza!!!

Also as it turns out Med&Ren have a committee position opening up and people are say that I should go for it. Do I really want to get involved? I don't want people thinking that now that I'm back in the college I want to subvert the society or something. I know this can be a view when someone comes back after a few years away and has memories of how it was "back in the day" (TM). But I wonder would it be possible for me to contribute to the society by being equips? I have a feeling that one of my house mates and his SO may try and nominate me for the position. I suppose if that happens I'll think about it.
And on that note. Derp

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