Monday, May 2, 2011


DAMN! What a weekend.
The weekend just gone was fantastic. My friends Charlie and Padraic got married on Saturday and it was an awesome day. As the wedding was in Galway I had to get up there some how. As the weather was so good I decided hitching up on the Friday was the best plan. Walking across the city took the bones of an hour but when I got into a decent position I got a lift in around 20 minutes to Mallow which was a damn fine start. While walking around the last roundabout in Mallow I heard my name being called from a car. One of the locals from back home was going past and was heading to Galway! I was well pleased. Good weather and speedy lifts make for a happy Panda!
Got to Galway and headed to my friend Meg's place as I was staying there for the weekend. Watched some Dr. Who and then headed to pub to go drinking with wedding peeps. There were around 10 or so people there that I knew and much fun was had by all. At one stage in the proceedings the groom may or may not have said "after the proposal my work was done, after that all I had to do was hand over large sums of money for undisclosed reason" (or words to that effect).
Cue Saturday morning, getting up an heading to the church. Wedding started at 1:30ish and Charlie's dress was amazing!! I don't think even the great Charlie Sheen (Warlock) could have done better. The champagne reception followed by epic level food and a best man's speech that included a Rick-Roll was topped off with a decent band that Charlie used to Rick-Roll the best man right back!
Waking up on Sunday thinking all the epic was done and the relaxing was all that was left was a bad assumption. My friend Meg gave me 11 or so books on archaeology and Old Irish. All the winning happened this weekend!!!

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